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Why is search engine optimisation (SEO) so important? These days having a website is not enough. With so many competitors out there, you must do extra work to get your site to appear on Google or other search engines.

There are two kinds of Search Engine Optimisation - On Page and Off Page.

On page are changes you can make on your website to improve the relationship between your keywords (the words/phrases that customers must enter in Google search to find you.

Off page are additional things you can do around the internet to create backlinks (links that point back to your website) for Google to be satisfied yours is a valid and popular site.

However, you should be careful.

There are also two kinds of SEO activities - White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO is where you use 'Google-approved methods and techniques to backlink and improve your Google ranking.

Black Hat SEO is where you use methods and techniques that are not approved by Google, and, in fact, can damage ranking or have you blacklisted from Google altogether.

Google is constantly changing the rules! That is why good SEO is a journey, not a destination. Hyperdriven will help you take the journey at a low cost with minimal effort to maintain and improve your ranking on Google.

Top SEO Sydney from Hyperdriven

SEO Analysis

Discover what needs to be improved for top SEO

We start with a full analysis of your website to understand exactly what can be improved, and how your website fares against your competition.

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On Page SEO

Optimisation of your website for the search engines

Based on the SEO Analysis, we can take positive steps to improve your website and make it Google-friendly.

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Off Page SEO

Set a strategy for creating backlinks and more

Encourage customers to revisit your site in a way that makes them think you're reading their mind.

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Reduce Advertising Spend

Our SEO packages help you save!

Stretch your advertising dollar further. When your site is in page one of Google, your can save on advertising.


Real simple pricing for Sydney's best SEO service


Great SEO that doesn't break the bank.
$ 800/mo.
No lock-in contract!
  • Fast results - see your website go UP on Google!
  • See your website traffic go UP! 
  • No hidden surprises - cancel at any time!

Keeping SEO Simple

When it comes to choosing an SEO service, you don't want buzzwords, you want RESULTS! 

When you take your car for a service, you don't care about 5W/40 oil or gaskets and seals - you just want your car serviced by an expert who knows what they're doing and leave you with your car running in top condition.

So it is with SEO. Let s worry about the detail and show you the results!

Of course, we'll give you regular SEO progress reports on how your site is ranking and how much more traffic you're receiving.

The rest is up to your website. Our job in SEO is to lead the horse to the water, and unfortunately, while we cannot make the horse drink, we can send lots more horses than you'd usually get! 

In short, we do everything we can that makes your site more palatable to Google and the other search engines so you get found more often. 

We have years of experience in writing content and using a variety of tools and techniques to help websites rank better. Better ranking means more hits.

Also, unlike other SEO companies that take a 'cookie-cutter' approach to their business and provide all their customers with the same services, we go a little further and tailor our activities to provide the best result for your business.

For example, if you run a car mechanic's workshop, we will post articles and links on sites related to your industry. It's this attention to detail that helps Google notice the relevance of your site and rank it UP!

Would you like to know more?

For more information about Hyperdriven's comprehensive SEO services for business in Sydney and beyond, call us today.

Don't Be a Victim of Lazy SEO!

Watch out for unscrupulous 'SEO Experts' who will take your money and then turn the work over to cheap overseas labour. You can spot them a mile away - they're cheap, the English/grammar in their articles is appalling - complete with typos and spelling errors.

Worse, they often just cut-and-paste content from another website and hope you will never find out! We have seen many examples of this. Put simply, it is plagiarism. We have even seen examples where the cut-and-paste was SO lazy the content still contained references to the original website's name - and links! 

You should know that Google penalises sites for plagiarised content. When Google sees the same groups of text across different websites (depending on the sites and types of content) it will favour the oldest/original and penalise the rest. The exception here is for product descriptions e.g. when thousands of sites sell the same product, like an iPhone.

At Hyperdriven, we guarantee ALL content to be unique and original, and as a result will pass the test of any plagiarism-checking websites.