Use popular, existing content as a platform for your marketing.
100% Brilliant. 100% Legal!

Your ads seen on popular content pages!

Authority advertising is a brilliantly simple way to place your ad on ANY webpage.

So, you see something like this on Twitter:-

Updated Kaseya ransomware attack FAQ: What we know now. 

You click the link, and sure enough, it's a useful page with info about the Kaseya ransomeware attack, but after a few seconds, a small ad appears in the bottom left corner...

This is an Authority Ad!

We take real web pages and put your ads on them. Now, you can post real, useful, informative posts relevant to your business and get rewarded with an ad back to your site. 

This lets you post on LinkedIn and Facebook Groups and be considered an authority, not just another group spammer.

How Does It Work?

  • 1. Choose the webpage where you want your ad to appear.

    This can be almost any web-page.
    We suggest you choose a page that contains informative pages that someone might be looking for. E.g. How to apply for a visa, or how to change oil on a car - whatever is relevant to your business.
    Please note: YouTube and Vimeo pages won't work. Some sites might also restrict this service.

  • 2. We create the ad

    This is a simple overlay ad with your logo, a short message and a button link to take the prospect to your landing page.

  • 3. We give you the link

    We then supply you with a special link - this contains the page of your choice with the ad as the overlay.

  • 4. You publish the link through your channels

    You then post your link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, via email, or whatever channel you choose. An example might be:

    Australian music industry reports nearly $50million in lost income due to coronavirus and bushfires so far... #MusicIndustry #AustralianMusic #Coronavirus

  • 5. Your audience sees the page, and your ad!

    Your audience sees your post, clicks on the link, the page appears and your ad is overlaid on top!

Examples of Authority Ads


Anvizent provides a cool data warehouse automation tool for ERPs. Here's an article about how to choose an ERP vendor.

Stepz Gym

We placed an ad for Stepz Gym on an interesting blog article about the reasons why fitness is important in dating and relationships.

Music Videos Sydney

We put an ad on an article on how to photograph your guitar for sale. (Facebook groups hate ads, but love informative articles!)


All prices in US dollars and exclude GST.


Your ad on four websites!
$ 19 monthly
One ad and 4 webpage links for you to post on social media or send in emails. Includes setup.
  • 1 Overlay Ad Design
  • 5 Authority Website Links
  • Up to 250 clicks across all four links per month


Your two ads on eight websites!
$ 29 monthly
Two ads and 8 webpage links for you to post on social media or send in emails. Includes setup.
  • 2 Overlay Ad Designs
  • 10 Authority Website Links
  • Up to 1000 clicks across all eight lnks per month.


Four ads on sixteen websites!
$ 39monthly
Four ads and 16 webpage links for you to post on social media or send in emails. Includes setup
  • 4 Overlay Ad Designs
  • 20 Authority Website Links
  • Up to 2000 clicks across all sixteen links per month.


Absolutely. We are not hacking any sites to do this, nor are we copying any content. We simply take the source site and display it with your ad on top using a special link. That's all! You're hardly like to get any complaints from the website owner since you're driving more traffic to their page anyway! It's a win-win!

The point is you can take ANY content from any website that contains useful info related to your business and what you do, and place YOUR ad on top. You then post the special link on your social media to generate traffic for your business. To the rest of the world, it looks like you are posting an interesting article, and it is, but one loaded with YOUR AD!

Pretty much! It doesn't work on some pages having videos that might autoplay, but it works on just about any other webpage.


I'd like to know more about Authority Ads. Please contact me.